#SixPackofPeaks - San Jacinto

Wow! I can't believe this is peak 5 of 6 - this last year has flown by so fast, with so many changes and different things happening. As I was looking through my photos for this hike, I noticed I had so many more, and so many more I actually liked. As such a stark contrast to the hike up San Bernardino, I absolutely loved San Jacinto. Not only for the journey, but for the views at the top. Maybe that's the key for my photos? :)


Isn't that one of the keys of life, in general? Finding something you love and feeling good at it? I can remember back to classes in school and being good at the ones I actually found interesting. I always loved my art classes, the only issue I remember struggling with sometimes was finding inspiration. As I grew up, I became more aware of this and thankfully found ways to inspire myself.

I also loooved Calculus. Anyone else? Many people complain about Math, but there's something fun in the puzzle of it all. Fun fact: I thought about architecture as an option for a career path back in high school. Ended up as a graphic designer - but couldn’t be happier!


Maybe that's it, the exploration - whether it's an equation, playing with a new medium, or navigating a trail. Maybe that's where I find my joy.

What about you? Anything that gets you jazzed? Floats your boat? It's so important to find something you love doing that brings you joy - and keep it up!


Too often in life, we get wrapped up in things we "need" to do - whether its work or taking care of children/partners - I see it all the time. I learned the phrase 'brings you joy' from an older coworker a few years ago. It becomes so powerful when you discover what it is that actually brings you joy. Take 10 minutes a day, or maybe start with 10 minutes a week, and do that thing. 

I find myself reminding people to do what they want, as if that should be something to question. Yes, not always is this acceptable or the right thing to do. However, we’re constantly taught that as the end of the day, all we have is ourselves, so why not make sure that at the end of the day we’re our happy selves?

Clearly, one of my things to bing me joy is hiking and taking photos - where I am thankful I have a platform here to share my stories and to blab on about some other things!


Now I am sure you’d love to hear some about the hike! Like I mentioned above the trail for San Jacinto was beautiful, as well as the views from the top. We started at Marion Mountain - having a fairly steep first mile. Another way some have done this trail, is by taking the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway up and then to the peak. But we wanted to hike with the elevation.

Part of this trail connects with the Pacific Crest Trail - how cool! My hiking buddy was so excited to see people who were hiking the trail in its entirety, but we didn’t see anyone. I don’t think it’s on my bucket list to complete this, but maybe I’ll change my mind someday! I would like to read Wild and see the movie with Reese Witherspoon though.


There was a mix of terrain on the way up, which I loved. As you can see it makes great spots for photos!


A lot of the peaks I’ve been on have been fairly flat, but Jacinto was very rocky, which I also loved. It made it more fun to play around on and take in the top - and the view of San Gorgonio from across the way.

We ate our snacks and headed down - eager to be finished so that we’d be one peak away from finishing the challenge. 


Coming down is always bittersweet - the accomplishment of making it to the top and also the desire to just be back at the car. Then home to relax and prepare for the next peak.