Desert Daze

Without living in California, I don't know if I'd ever appreciate the beauty of the desert as much as I do now. Growing up when I thought of the desert, I pictured the Sahara - photos I'd seen in my textbooks from Elementary school. A vast canvas of pinks, oranges & creams; camels creating shadows on the untouched sand. I am sure you've seen a lot of these photos as well. 

The desert in California has it's fair share of sand dunes - some of which in Death Valley & down south in Glamis - I hope to venture to soon. But, there's something magical about actually experiencing the desert - the still sound, the way the sun hits the surrounding hills - it's beautiful.

There are a million ways to get lost of course, but luckily service can be found. Taking the dirt roads instead of the paved - appreciating the journey, right?

A friend and I journeyed down to Anza-Borrego Desert State Park a few weekends ago to check out what was left of the #Superbloom. If you're unsure of what I mean by the Superbloom, here's some background. California has been in a severe drought for a few years now. Since I have lived here, I only remember short spurts of rain. Without rain, flowers have a hard time blooming. Thankfully, we got buckets this year - allowing beauty to sprout and thrive in places it hasn't recently. Thus, the Superbloom. I saw some California Poppy's in Lake Elsinore back in March - but desert flowers are a bit different.

Sadly, we missed a lot of the blooms - but there was still a lot to see!

We got there and knew what we were looking for, but didn't exactly know where to look. Behold the Visitor's Center - filled with great people and lots of information. They were such a blessing - detailed directions and maps to help us explore.

Located in Borrego Springs, the Visitor's Center wasn't the only shining light. We had lunch at a great Mexican joint - Jalisco's - which I think might be a chain? Mexican food in California is always bomb - so we knew we could trust this joint. 

As I love the harmony of art and landscape, one of the biggest attractions in this area were the metal sculptures by Ricardo Breceda. There are all sorts of different animals/creatures scattered around - mammoths, a sea serpent, a scorpion & grasshopper, camels, etc. My favorites were the scorpion/grasshopper & the sea serpent. Here's some more information and other photos as well if you're interested in some history!

I definitely want to make it back out to Anza-Borrego to hit some trails and capture views of the badlands. Maybe stop at Julian on the way home for their infamous apple pies!

If you're anywhere near a desert - check it out. Honestly, there is something magical out in the vast open space.