#NationalParkGeek - Anacapa Island

Channel Islands National Park. Honestly, for the day I felt like I was in Ireland.

A friend and I decided a few months ago we wanted to see the Channel Islands (off the coast of Ventura/Santa Barbara), starting with the smallest first - Anacapa Island. We took the boat, operated by Island Packers out of Oxnard/Channel Islands Harbor. 

When we arrived, the parking was a little confusing - 3 hour parking limit signs, but apparently it's not enforced (my car was still there, no ticket, when we got back). Upon checking in, they told us there was a possibility we wouldn't be able to get off the boat. This was a little disheartening, having driven from Orange County - we wanted to get on the island! 

Our reservation was scheduled for 9:30AM - and left right on time. The boat was actually smaller than I thought, smaller than the Catalina Flyer, if you've ever seen that one! Once everyone was on, luggage, gear and all, we took off!

I absolutely LOVE being on a boat. I feel so free and alive - sometimes more so than when I am outside hiking or dancing on the beach. I feel so CREATIVE when I am on water. Maybe, I should just make and create on a sailboat - that seems like a happy medium? Right?

So, like I mentioned, we didn't know if we were actually going to make it off the boat. About halfway (the trip is an hour) we saw a WHALE! A Fin Whale to be exact - apparently the 2nd largest species of mammals. He swam around and underneath the boat. Thank goodness for the clarity of the water, because we were able to see him so clearly. I was right on the edge, not even pulling out my phone for pictures, afraid I might miss something and staring in complete awe. Well, I think he blessed our boat and the weather. 30 minutes and 157 stairs later, we were off the boat and on top of Anacapa.

When you book the tickets, you can either come back the same day or camp! We were only going for the day, so we had to be back at the dock at 3PM. Now, 1030AM - 3PM seemed so short to me! However, Anacapa is the smallest and with just hiking the island, that is plenty of time.

I saw that there was a possibility of kayaking around Anacapa and seeing the sea caves. I called Santa Barbara Adventure Company (so incredibly helpful and kind) to check on it and ended up deciding against it. If you're very comfortable with sea kayaking - this might be for you! But without a guide, I wasn't sure I wanted my kayak hitting the sides of a cliff island.

So, we just opted to hike and picnic for the day.

The first photo above was Cathedral Point. The edges were roped off due to some deteriorating cliffs, but we were able to get close enough to see some beauty. 

Our guide for the island informed us also that it was 'Gull Season.' We had a welcoming committee of SEAGULLS - I am not a bird person. Luckily, they were pretty sweet birds and only got crazy if you came close to their nests. Some of the birds laid their eggs close to the trail, so when you passed, if they started squawking, all you had to do was put your hand in a fist over your head and they would stop. See the white dots in the photos above and below? Those are alllllll seagulls. Only slightly terrifying.

The main star of Anacapa - what you probably see photos of the most, is Inspiration Point. The tip of the island that looks out over the other islands of Anacapa and Santa Cruz. We hit this spot twice because it was just too beautiful and one look was not enough.

I MEAN LOOK AT THAT?! Isn't it incredible? 

We stopped about halfway through our trip along the west part of the trail, where you can see the sea lions below lazing, to have our picnic. A very fancy picnic I might add.

It was awesome to sit down and admire being completely surrounded by the ocean. The island is so small so wherever you are, you have a clear view.

After walking the whole island - the best parts twice - we were ready and prepared to get back on the boat and head home. We couldn't have asked for perfect weather on our day trip - although poor sunscreen application gave me a lovely shaped sunburn on my left arm. Don't forget your sunscreen! Oh, and water - since there are no facilities on the island.

Make the time to visit Anacapa. If you live in California, it is so incredibly easy! Just book a trip with IslandPackers and GET EXCITED. I promise it feels like you're in a whole new world for the day - and that's refreshing and amazing for anyone. Enjoy the Earth!